Wedding DJs

We are not your average wedding DJs. 

The wedding entertainment industry is an industry where clients typically expect the same old "fade in, fade out" style mixing and same old songs. Our approach is completely different. We focus our service completely around you and your needs. Our mission is to provide you with a tailored wedding package that is personalised to you. 

Our DJs are some of the best and most relevant club DJs with years of experience across all genres of music. Our real-world experience allows us to bring a level of ability and atmosphere to your event that no others can. 

We work with you to get all the details for your ceremony or reception exactly how you want them. From your reception entrance and first dance song selection to the order of proceedings – our DJ’s aim to create the perfect atmosphere for your event. Whether that’s a big scale wedding or a small and intimate event, your playlist will be created to perfectly suit you and your style! 

We work hand in hand with your suppliers to ensure every detail is considered for a flawless event. 

In addition to our experience, broad music knowledge and professionalism, we also offer a complete online planning tool which allows you to hand select the songs you want played at your event. Our planning tools is linked directly to our DJs music databases and affords you absolute freedom to pick the songs you want to hear!

 You may also update any details along the way including your event running schedule or the latest song you must have on the night – we want to make sure you’re 100% happy at every step of the lead up to your wedding.

Our musical selections available for your event include:


    • RnB
    • Country
    • House and EDM
    • Pop
    • Indie
    • Rock 
    • Hip Hop
    • Soul
    • Jazz 
    • Classical
    • Top 40
    • Commercial