1. No booking is confirmed until the required deposit (as outlined in booking invoice) is returned within 7 days,

along with the signed booking invoice agreeing to the terms and conditions herewith, or unless otherwise stated.

2. The customer acknowledges that booking deposits are not refundable nor are they able to be transferred to any other customer or booking.

3. The customer agrees that full payment shall be made payable to Platinum DJs and Photobooth’s at the time of the event interview or 30 days prior to the event date.

4. The customer agrees to supply the personnel of Platinum DJs and Photobooth’s (being the Disc Jockey and Photobooth Operator) with an adequate meal at the event in the same function room as the event.

5. If this agreement is breached, damages shall not exceed the amount due under this agreement.

6. Should any equipment be stolen or damaged during the event and the contracting party or their guests are at fault. It is agreed that the contracting party is to repair and or replace the stolen or damaged equipment after substantial quotes have been supplied by Platinum DJs and Photobooth’s.

7. Platinum DJs and Photobooth’s reserves the right to substitute disc jockey personnel/entertainers in cases of emergencies, illness or ANY extenuating circumstance.
8. When booking the Photobooth, If the Booth operator is harassed under gross misconduct or verbally or physically abused in any way, the operator has the right to shut down the Photobooth if deemed unsafe. Also In order to

prevent damage to equipment, Platinum DJs and Photobooth’s reserves the right to refuse service to any person.

9. When hiring from a Platinum DJs and Photobooth’s, the hirer gives permission for images taken at the event to be used on Platinum DJs and Photobooth’s website for promotional purposes. Copyright of all images taken in the photo booth shall remain the property of Platinum DJs and Photobooth’s, unless otherwise stipulated.

10. Platinum DJs and Photobooth’s will not be held responsible for any circumstances or events outside their control. This includes, but is not limited to, power failure, venue’s equipment failure, natural disaster, fire, riot and accidents.

11. If the customer cancels the booking within 60 days of their event date, the total outstanding fee is payable and all booking deposits paid are forfeited

Please sign the attached booking Invoice agreeing to the above terms and conditions of this contract/booking.