Winter Weddings

According to the Easy Weddings 2019 Annual Australian Wedding Report, the most popular wedding season stats are as follows

Autumn coming in strong at 37%

Spring in second at 28%

Summer sitting third at 22%

Winter in last place (awww) at a sad 13%

We have come to bring you some of the realest reasons as to why you should consider holding your special day in Winter - sounds crazy but hear us out…

  1. No sweltering heat
    Australia is a beautiful place don’t get me wrong, but we all know the feeling of walking outside and feeling like we have been hit in the face… with the sun…

  2. Be original
    The majority of nuptials nowadays take place within the same month, give your guests (and yourself) a break, something to look forward to and spice it up by doing something a little out of the ordinary.

  3. Black Tie Weather
    If you have planned a formal day, help a brother out. Think of the 3-piece suit…

  4. Stress-less
    With a planned indoor Winter Wonderland, there will be no stress on the day!

    And number 5, our personal fave…


    It’s no secret Weddings can be (and will be) an expensive affair and there is no shame in getting yourself a steal whether it be for a venue, planner, entertainment along with flights and accommodation (another saviour for distant friends & family)!

    Enjoy lovers.