Music Streaming vs DJ?

Can a playlist really replace investing in a professional DJ?


Let’s take this from a complete un-biased standpoint…Spotify, Itunes and Soundcloud are known for their party playlists, with streaming music apps allowing us to listen to million of artists at our fingertrips. What is great about music streaming is it allows you to be your own DJ essentially, allowing you throw it back on a stranger, whilst the DJ keeps the same tune, but changes the song #rapcavier

It is a question as old as time: should I hire a professional DJ, or should I make my own playlist for my wedding/event?

Streaming music unfortunately is still no DJ…let us tell you why!

A DJ does not just offer you your favourite beats, they have a responsibility to keep that party going, to feel the vibes and solely focus on providing you with absolute bangas whilst catering to all genres of music. We hope to think us DJ’s have something unique to offer that goes far beyond technology, we aren’t here to bag these platforms, They can be an absolute beast in the music scene BUT we do think they have their place.

The pros of Music Streaming

  • They will generally cost you less than $15.00 a month!

  • They have hundreds of pre-made playlists

  • You don’t actually really need to know much about music, as it is all there for you!

  • If you already use these apps regularly, you most likely already have some awesome playlists

  • There are no set times on when you play music, you can keep the party going all night

  • The latest and oldest music at your fingertips

  • You can pre-plan all your music if you like, ensuring you only play the songs YOU love

The pros of a DJ

  • Creates an awesome vibe!

  • It is more professional

  • Optional extras such as lighting, smoke machines, MC services

  • They rock-up and take care of everything

  • Making playlists…is HARD

  • Professional equipment including top quality sound

  • A DJ’s pure job is to create a vibe, play the best tunes and read the audience

  • The ability to mix songs together to make mashups

  • Less stress/worry knowing you do not have to worry about music

  • No-one has to connect their phone…which lets be honest no-one wants to be this guy

At the end of the day, we know which we would prefer!

Renae Porter